About Manufaktur von Blythen

about ”Manufaktur von Blythen“

The “Manufaktur von Blythen“, located in Schöneiche near Berlin, produces gourmet specialties made from edible flowers.

The “Manufaktur von Blythen“ is reviving the old tradition of flowers in cuisine. In 1997, an old recipe book of her grandmother’s inspired Martina Göldner-Kabitzsch to produce aromatic liqueurs made out of flowers, spices and fruit. Since then she has produced an array of products, such as spreads, syrups, vinegars, marinades or chutneys, reflecting the special, tasty aroma of each flower made from the fragrant blooms of flowers. All products are traditionally handmade using the best of ingredients and flowers, both free of any additives, herbicides or chemicals. The ”Manufaktur von Blythen“ uses carefully selected, high-quality raw materials from controlled organic cultivation and, if possible, purchased from vendors in the Brandenburg region of Germany.

”Manufaktur von Blythen’s“ products capture the scent and flavor of flowers and create a new and extraordinary taste experience through the unique aroma of each flower. The products can very easily be used in all kinds of cooking, thereby turning the flower cuisine into a new adventure.

Once you have tasted a meal created with flowers, you will never forget this remarkable experience.

organic gourmet products von Blythen

· extraordinary taste experience
· innovative, high-quality products
· completely handmade with aromatic petals
· own exclusive recipes
· high-quality packaging in a modern design
· suitable for vegetarian and vegan cuisine
· organic-certified products

rose products

(Rosa damascena, Rosa centifolia und Rosa gallica)

The rose is considered the queen among flowers, not only because of its beauty, but also because of its captivating scent. Although the idea of using roses in cuisine is not new, it has been all but forgotten in many places. Some varieties with a strong scent, like the Damask, Centifolia and Gallic roses, have been used in cuisine for centuries.

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violets products

(Viola odorata)

The violet, as a symbol of young love, has not only inspired poets, but is also a culinary delicacy. The purple petals of the frail March violet embrace you with their captivating scent and are downright delicious – both fresh as well as preserved.

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lavender products

(Lavandula angustifolia)

The mauve-colored, sun-spoiled lavender has a flowery, yet herbaceous scent and taste with a light citrus note. It is a completely new experience. This “real” lavender is the best suited for use in cuisine because of its fresh and elegant aroma. 

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